Building and Trades Technician

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Issued by Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration

EPA-608 Certification Exam

Issued by United States Environmental Protection Agency

What you'll learn

Choice Career Tech Building and Trade Technician program is a course that runs for 34 weeks. Students will engage in a stimulating range of learning activities that include understanding the basic principles of the Building and Trades industry and an opportunity to apply that understanding to practical real-world examples.

Throughout this program, students will gain working knowledge in areas such as the workplace basic knowledge and safety understanding, blueprint reading, framing: exterior walls, windows, doors, floors, rafter roof. Along with entry-level knowledge of electrical theory, fixtures and cables, troubleshooting and maintenance wiring, maintaining residential and commercial plumbing, repairing leaks and replacement skills. As well as refrigeration systems, maintaing various heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Students will also gain skills working with general maintenance of residential and commercial properties to create and maintain recommended working order. Career Development is also obtained throughout the program. The program also prepares students for the OSHA 10 Certification, Ready to Work NATE Certificate, and EPA-608 Certification.

A career as a Building and Trades Technician presents a robust outlook with strong demand, job security, and diverse opportunities for specialization. Skilled in areas such as electrical work, HVAC, plumbing, construction, solar installation, and facilities maintenance, these professionals find consistent employment in residential and commercial sectors. The aging workforce and the need for sustainable practices contribute to ongoing opportunities, while advancements in technology and a focus on energy efficiency create room for career growth. With competitive salaries, chances for advancement, and the potential to start their own businesses, Building and Trades Technicians can expect a rewarding and stable career path in the construction and maintenance industry.

Program Objectives

CCT training and related target certifications may be accepted and/or approved by your state of residency, employers reserve the right to dictate experience, prerequisite education, or certification/licensure requirements for their positions. We strongly advise students to research target job state requirements, restrictions, job posts prior to enrollment to ensure eligibility upon graduation.

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