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Electrical Technician
Program Overview

This course includes:
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CompTIA Cloud+

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What you'll learn

This comprehensive Electrical Technician Program introduces you to the world of electricity, providing a strong foundation in electrical concepts and their practical application. You’ll learn how to measure, cut, ream, and bend Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) conduit, ensuring the correct dimensions and accurate installation. The course covers vital safety regulations, with a focus on grounding and bonding, lockout/tagout procedures, and ladder safety. You’ll gain knowledge in reading blueprints and wiring diagrams, installing residential generators, troubleshooting contactors, and working with various motors. A particular emphasis is placed on Ohm’s Law and its application in diagnosing circuit issues. Advanced topics like NEC Commissioning, Fire Alarm Systems, and Solar Photovoltaics are also included.

As an electrical technician, you’ll be applying your knowledge and skills in a wide variety of residential and commercial settings. Your tasks might include measuring and installing conduit, interpreting electrical plans and schematics, troubleshooting electrical issues, ensuring safety compliance, and inspecting electrical systems. You’ll be working with an array of electrical devices, including generators, contactors, and different types of motors. Specializations, such as working with fire alarm systems or solar photovoltaics, provide further career opportunities.

The career outlook for electrical technicians remains promising. With an increasing reliance on electrical systems and renewable energy, the demand for skilled technicians in these fields is expected to grow. Technicians equipped with a broad range of skills, from basic electrical installations to specialized areas like solar photovoltaics, will find themselves highly marketable. Moreover, the fundamental electrical skills are transferable across various trades, ensuring a robust and versatile career path.

Program Objectives

CCT training and related target certifications may be accepted and/or approved by your state of residency, employers reserve the right to dictate experience, prerequisite education, or certification/licensure requirements for their positions. We strongly advise students to research target job state requirements, restrictions, job posts prior to enrollment to ensure eligibility upon graduation.

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Our comprehensive Electrical Technician Program introduces you to the world of electricity, providing a strong foundation in electrical concepts and their practical application. 

Upon completion, you’ll not only walk away with an unparalleled skill set but also be prepared for one of the following nationally recognized certification that will help showcase your expertise and dedication to quality.

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