How Long Do I Have To Access the Course?

We give all of our students access to their course for a minimum of 6 months. This can be extended for another 6 months if approved.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, payment plans and have financial loan programs available as well.

Is my Data Protected?

All payment data is secured through SSL certificates back end security.

Tuition and Enrollment

Is there a fee to apply?

No, the application process is completely free. Start now »

How long is each program?

You have 6 months to complete your program but it can be finished earlier. You set your own coursework pace.

Is there an instructor I can send questions and communicate with?

From the moment you enroll with CCT an instructor is assigned to help you with your program, coursework and certification prep. You have the ability to communicate with your instructor on a daily basis through our Learning Management Software.

What if I have previous experience and/or certifications pertaining to the program(s) I am interested in?

CCT is a six month accelerated program. We don’t adhere to the traditional education format of “course credits”. Our goal is to fully prepare you for your career with certification exam preparation and real world training.

What do you usually look for in an applicant?

We seek out motivated individuals who are looking for a career change or professionals who are looking to advance their current career by continuing their education.

When does the next class start?

Since there are no online or in-person classes, each student starts their program when they are accepted into CCT. All of our course work and materials can be accessed on demand via our online LMS portal.

How much can I save by attending CCT versus going to a university or technical school?

You save in two ways, time and money. A university and technical school takes 2-4 years to complete and they control the class schedule. CCT gives you access to all of the coursework and let’s you learn at your own pace. Second, a four year undergraduate university degree costs on average over $120,000 and a trade school costs $30,000 dollars or more. Our technical programs are a fraction of the cost.


Who can I speak with about tuition?

Our education counselors are standing by Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST to answer your questions. Give us a call now.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For payment plans we accept credit/debit card payments and ACH. We accept checks if you’re paying for a course in full.

Do you partner with any loan institutions?

CCT offers financial loan opportunities to all students that qualify. Interest rates for these loans depend on multiple factors to give you the best rate available. All of our loan programs are third party loans and payment requirements depend on the lender.

Do I need to make an initial payment to enroll?

If you choose a payment plan then there is an initial payment of XYZ to start your program.


How can I reach someone?

Our reps are standing by to take your call from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. Call us now at (833) 832-6314. If it’s after hours please submit a ticket and we’ll answer your question(s) next business day.

How long will it take for my instructor to get back to me?

Instructors answer your questions the same day or the following day.

Can you help me install the required software?

If you’re having issues with software installation we can jump on a Zoom call to help step you through the process.

My computer crashed, now what?

If you don’t have access to another working computer we will work with you to secure a new laptop or desktop computer and then extend your course deadline.

My username and password are not working, how can I recover it?

If your password isn’t working you can request a new password through the email address used with the LMS account. If you’re still having trouble give us a call or submit a ticket.

CCT's Learning Management System crashed and I have a deadline.

If CCT’s Learning Management system is down you will not be penalized for the delay and we will gladly extend your deadline.